MID-ATLANTIC SQUASH LEAGUE at Coppermine Racquet & Fitness
Open to the Public

Sundays 1-3pm Starting February 10th

$75 Per-Month

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League Rules

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Mid-Atlantic Squash League Overview

• Open Enrollment Throughout the Year
• Open to the Public
• Organized by Skill Level
• Competitive Weekly Matches


Coppermine Racquet & Fitness
1420 Clarkview Rd
Baltimore, MD 21209



Mid-Atlantic Squash League Handout

League Rules

The Mid-Atlantic Squash League will follow Box League rules and procedures. Box Leagues encourage friendly competition among a variety of players and helps players play opponents at their approximate skill level. Dread Squash Team will schedule matches against all the opponents in their ‘box’ and post results.

Participation in Box Leagues requires a moderate level of player commitment. Participants in each box change at the end of each stage based upon wins and losses according to customizable league scoring rules. During each stage, current standings are recorded. At the end of each play stage, the player(s) with the highest total scores in each box (except the highest box) will ascend to the next highest box. The player(s) with the lowest scores in each box (except the lowest box) will drop to the next lowest box. The middle player(s) will remain in the same box.

For the second stage, each box will have a new mix of players. New players can be easily added to and existing players removed from the league between stages to accommodate players with limited availability. A typical Box League will have three stages of one month each in duration, making up a complete cycle.