Coppermine Racquet and Fitness Club may from time-to-time, depending upon adverse weather conditions, cancel certain services.

We do not close the club based on the fact schools are closed. We may however cancel or delay the start of group exercise classes or childcare services depending upon weather conditions at our club.

Coppermine Racquet and Fitness Club will in most cases post all notices regarding delays, cancellations and closings to our website or Facebook page; however we encourage you to call the club at 410-823-2500 for the latest information, especially for early morning classes.

We will make a decision regarding the cancellation of our group exercise classes and childcare services as follows:

5:15 a.m. for morning classes
10:00 a.m. for afternoon classes
3:00 p.m. for evening classes

Please call your trainer or pro directly if you have a scheduled lesson or clinic for more detailed information from them.

The club usually does not close unless a state of emergency is declared; however, if conditions are considered severe enough, a decision is usually reached by 2 pm.