GRAVITY TRAINING at Coppermine Racquet & Fitness
18+ Years and Adults

Weekly 45 Minute Classes

$120 for Fitness Members per 6-Weeks

$150 for Non-Fitness Members per 6-Weeks

Gravity Training Schedule

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Gravity Training Overview

Gravity is a fun and innovative program that provides full body conditioning through resistance training or Pilates. In small groups or individually, your training sessions are monitored for maximum results in just 45 minutes. Or, in other words … less clock, more rock.

Regina Rosner
• Over 25 years in the Fitness Industry
• 2015 Distinguished Service Award
• Post Rehab, Small Group & Personal Training

Eddie Hall
• 17+ years of Personal Training Experience
• 2017 National Asana Yoga Champion
• Group Fitness, Yoga, and Gravity Instructor


Coppermine Gravity Training Overview Handout
Coppermine Gravity Training Schedule Handout