LUNCH LEAGUES at Coppermine Racquet & Fitness & Bare Hills
17+ Years Co-Ed

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Coppermine Lunch Tennis Leagues Overview

One of our most popular offerings! Enjoy a 6 week midday doubles league grouped by skill level. Each session ends with a delicious, catered luncheon. A great way to improve your doubles game in a casual, social atmosphere.

FALL I: September 9th – October 18th
FALL II: October 21st – November 29th
WINTER I: December 2nd – January 24th
WINTER II: January 27th – March 6th
SPRING I: March 9th – April 17th
SPRING II: April 20th – May 15th

Sheldon Chazen
• 2005 USPTA National Service Award
• 2006 USPTR National Award for 25 Years of Service
• A USPTA and USPTR tennis professional since 1975

Laura Redford
• Over 25 years of tennis teaching experience
• Former GSRC Tennis Academy Director
• Special Olympics Tennis Coordinator for GSTEF

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