SQUASH CLINICS at Coppermine Bare Hills
Ages 6 – Adult

Squash Private Lessons

Squash Clinics Overview

Squash is always in season at Coppermine. We offer a wide range of squash programs for athletes of all ages to learn, develop, and compete. Junior athletes will benefit from our Beginner Squash Clinics which build self-esteem and confidence while developing a love for the sport of squash. Developing athletes will benefit from our Intermediate Clinics and Match Play, which aim to improve skills through repetition. Elite players will have the opportunity to play within our high-level Advanced Clinics, as well compete within our Leagues and Tournament teams. Adults can choose from private lessons, clinics, leagues, and tournaments in addition to other fun, social events throughout the year.

Our Squash Programs run in 4 week sessions as follows:

Fall Session III: 11/8/2021 – 12/12/2021 (no classes 11/22 – 11/28)
Winter Session I: 1/3/2022 – 1/30/2022
Winter Session II: 1/31/2022 – 2/27/2022
Spring Session I: 2/28/2022 – 3/27/2022 (no classes 3/14 – 3/20)
Spring Session II: 3/28/2022 – 4/24/2022
Spring Session III: 4/25/2022 – 5/22/2022
Summer Session I: 5/23/2022 – 6/19/2022

Squash Clinics
1 Hour Clinic - 4 Week Sessions
$175 Members | $205 Non-Members
Players develop racquet and motor skills while creating a passion for the game. Beginners will learn techniques such as racquet grip, swing, preparation and developing hand eye coordination while learning basic shot differentiation.
6+ Years Coppermine Bare Hills4:00pm
1 Hour Clinic - 4 Week Sessions
$175 Members | $205 Non-Members
Players skills are fine-tuned through drills, strength training, and court movement while they learn the technical aspects of the game such as scoring, match play and fitness.
9+ Years Coppermine Bare Hills1:00pm3:00pm
1.5 Hour Clinic - 4 Week Sessions
$375 Members | $405 Non-Members
Players will begin to understand game plans and strategic play, while developing the mental aspects of their game with a winning mindset. Players will demonstrate court awareness through coverage and agility, with an emphasis on match winning shots. Advanced players will continue to grow their skills through competitive play and drilling. This program encourages varsity play with collegiate squash opportunities.
12+ Years Coppermine Bare Hills1:30pm
1 Hour Clinic
Drop-In $40 Members | $47.50 Non-Members
Our Adult Clinics provide players the opportunity for ongoing instruction, ladder and league play, fitness and squash-specific conditioning. We cover basic squash skills (striking the ball consistently, moving on the court, rules of the game) while progressively covering hitting to length, ball control, and court movement.
18+ Years Coppermine Bare Hills12:00pm